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Versa Board Angler FS

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Check out the all new Versa Board Angler FS (Frame Seat)! You haven’t fished till you’ve fished from a Versa Board Angler fishing stand up paddle board. It’s a totally new feeling when you stalk, cast and fight the fish while standing on our hybrid fishing paddle board. We built in extra volume for added stability which you’ll appreciate when the big one bites. Arrives factory rigged with a central Groove Track; plus a frame seat to paddle it like a conventional sit on top kayak. Performance Promise – Stable ride – Unique and addictive paddling experience on flat water or slow rivers – Easy transport for one person – Spring-loaded drop skeg for great tracking – Comfortable support for rear end and lower back.

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Color: Hidden Oak

Model Length Width Fitted Hull Weight* Fully Rigged Weight** Depth @ Beam Capacity
Versa Board Angler 12′ 3″/ 373 cm 33″ / 84 cm 55 lbs 60 lbs 7″ / 18 cm 300 lbs / 136 kg


*Fitted Hull Weight is the weight of the kayak without the seat and the Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. This is the weight that is typically lifted when transporting the kayak.

**Fully Rigged Weight is the weight with the seat and Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. Typically, the seat and Propel Pedal Drive are installed when the kayak is about to be launched.


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