Torqeedo Magnetic Key


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Torqeedo magnetic key for 402/403 Ultralights, Cruise R and the 503/1003 motors.

A spare is a great idea as we forget the key at home, lose the key, or forget to clip it to our PFD. Feces occur!

Helpful hint, please clip or tie off your key to your person or PFD. If you should fall out while running, or hit the throttle while dumping, you will watch your kayak sail off into the sunset without you!!!

Emergency stop key and immobilizer for Travel, Cruise and Ultralight models.
Equipment included: Magnetic stop key
Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
We want you to enjoy your Torqeedo product for as long as possible, which is why all our our products all undergo a painstaking industrial development process and why each motor is subjected to exhaustive checks before delivery.
Comfort can happen – with us its an integral component. All our accessories such as our TorqTrac App are designed to make your life even easier with Torqeedo

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