Riverside SUP Carrier Kit

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The Riverside SUP Carrier Kit is an easy-to-install kit allows you to transport your SUP or SOT. Featuring our Non-Skid anti-slipping bottom!

  • Compatible with factory racks, after-market racks, and vehicles without racks, the SUP Carrier Kit fits all cars. Non-skid foam blocks eliminate slipping on wet cars. Includes stacker blocks which allows simultaneous transport of two boards.
  • Includes: 2 Universal SUP/SOT Non-Skid Foam Blocks 2 SUP Stacker Blocks 2 9’ Block Straps 2 15’ Center Straps with Cam Buckle
  • SUP/SOT Universal Block Dimensions: 3.75in H x 4.75in D x 31.5in W
  • SUP Stacker Block Dimensions: 1.25in H x 4.75in D x 23.25in W


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Installation Instructions from Seattle Sports Website for Riverside SUP Carrier Kit

  1. Unroll the 9’ block straps. Run each of the straps through oval drilled holes on each blocks and go completely around SUP and buckle tightly. Both blocks should be secured to SUP. (When loading two boards place spacer block in-between the boards before running the loose end of the strap through the plastic buckle and tightening.)
  2. Place blocks as far apart as possible. Blocks can be placed directly on roof or mounted on roof rack cross bars.
  3. Make sure the bottom of the blocks and the area of the roof under the blocks is clean and free of debris. and place blocks as far apart as possible.


  1. Take the two 15’ straps and run those straps over the block straps, if possible have the straps run through the two channels at the end of the blocks.


  1. Open the front doors of your vehicle and run the 15’ strap through the interior of your vehicle.


  1. Bring the loose end of the straps up to the buckle ends. Insert the loose end of the strap through the buckle, loading it from the bottom of the buckle. Pull the loose end of the strap to tighten the tension of the strap, this will secure the blocks and board to your vehicle, and close your front doors. Repeat this method with your rear doors. (The location of the buckle can be either inside or outside your vehicle’s passenger compartment based on your preference.)


  1. After driving about five miles, stop and check to make sure the straps are still tight and the blocks are secure on your vehicle.


  1. If the straps hum or buzz at high speeds, give the straps a few twists where the straps run from the edge of your board to the entry point on the vehicle. This will help break up the wind vibration.




This carrier has been designed to attach securely to an automobile. However, your attachment to the car is critical and beyond the control of the manufacturer. The user of this carrier must secure it properly to the car, check its attachment before each use, and inspect carrier parts for wear. The manufacturer is not responsible for and does not guarantee the attachment of this carrier to any automobile, and is not liable for any damages resulting from its attachment. The liability of the manufacturer is limited to the purchase price of the merchandise which proves defective in materials and/or workmanship.


Riverside SUP Carrier Kit

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