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Power Pole Micro Anchor Spike UltraLite

Brand: PowerPole


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Power Pole Micro Anchor Spike UltraLite is a high quality solution for staking out on the flats or shallows from your kayak, SUP, canoe, or skiff.


Available in 6′ and 8′ lengths. Both come with standard lanyard to tie off and also feature a 1/4-20 threaded brass insert on top. Attach a flag for safety or to locate your pole after un-clipping to go on a sleigh ride. Add a camera and you have a whole new 3rd person view road to your editing!


Buy an 8′ Pole and receive a $100 rebate on a PowerPole micro Anchor System. That makes the Pole free if you ever decide to buy the system. Rebate does not expire so there is no rush!!!


Power Pole Micro Anchor Spike UltraLite

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6 feet, 8 feet


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