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Powder Coating

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Powder Coating has been added to our growing list of services here at TKFS. From simple, solid colors to multi-color or custom images. We offer dozens of colors in several finishes.

Powder Coating is just about limitless and we await your challenge

If you have a special project in mind please message us and we can put something together. We are always happy to help!

Salt Water? YES PLEASE!!! –

The colors that we have selected have passed 500+ to 1000+ hours of testing against exterior conditions and salt water. We then add Ultra Clear Coat for an additional 5000+ hours of protection. If you are new to Powder Coating, this stuff is not like paint. It is a process of electrical adhesion and then a baked on finish hardening the powder into one hell of a tough finish! It does not scratch or chip easily so it will stand the test of time!


We have beat on several items in testing here at TKFS and love how strong this stuff is! Keep in mind, cast aluminum is soft and will dent when stabbed with a screw driver or hammer. (Yes, we did it) These were the only times we could get the Powder Coating to deform. Even then, the powder bent with the aluminum maintaining its finish and protection!

Warranty –

If you should experience a failure in the Powder Coating within the first 6 months we will pay to have the drive shipped back to us for a re-coating. This does not include any abuse or out of the ordinary usage or goofery. We are a small family and friend company and our customer service speaks for itself. If you have an issue, we have your back. PERIOD.

Shipping a propel drive and/or many other projects can be pricey in itself. We can help here too. We will recommend shipping options to help keep costs down and stress to a minimum.

If at all possible, disassemble your item prior to shipping it for Powder Coating. This drastically cuts down on shipping and labor charges.

Native Propel Drive Powder Coating Options;

Shipping the entire drive assembled for one color – $149 we will de-grease, glass blast, powder coat, ultra clear coat, AND include our full $30 clean, inspect, and re-grease drive service. We are a full service Native Watercraft Service Center and we have the parts to get you back on the water fast!

Shipping your drive disassembled for one color – $119 we will de-grease, glass blast, one color powder coat, ultra clear coat, and return.

Color Match Your Kayak –

For an additional $125 we will color match your kayak.

Native Propel Lizard Lick Propel Drive

Native Propel Powder Coated Lizard Lick Propel Drive

Full Custom – $200 to $1000

Andrew Yutko’s custom powder coated Propel Drive


Purchase your Native Propel Kayak from us and we’ll get the drive one color coated and shipped with your new kayak for an additional $149!!! This is one color plus Ultra Clear Coat. For two color (Lizard Lick, Copperhead, etc) $275.


Hobie Mirage Drive Crank Arms –

One color, plus Ultra Clear Coat $30. We’ll glass blast, clean and coat! It is best for you to pull the crank arms prior to shipping them. Please note the serial number on your crank arm. This sticker will have to be removed for the coating process and cannot be reattached. We will return this sticker to you either way.


Kayak Tracks and other fun –

We do tracks, seat frames, hardware, and non kayak stuff too. Send us a message and let’s see what we can create for you.

Prices do not include shipping to and from TKFS or any taxes depending on your state. Prices will change as this is an introductory offer.

Additional information

Color Selection

One Color, Two Color Camo, Candies or Iridescents

Item to be Coated

Native Propel Drive, Hobie Mirage Drive, Up to 24" Track, Seat Frames, Coffee Tumblers, Torqeedo Fins


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