NuCanoe RIGID 360 Base Low

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NuCanoe RIGID 360 Base Low. A lightweight, super-stiff base for 360 Pinnacle Seats and Max 360 Seats on the Frontier. Made from fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, the RIGID 360 Base Low delivers an ideal 10″ Seat height for a lower center of gravity and increased sense of stability. Compatible with all standard swivel seats. Includes Freedom Track hardware. Standard on the Frontier models.

The NuCanoe RIGID 360 Base Low offers many great features:

  • Light Weight – Thanks to the advanced composite construction, the RIGID 360 base weighs in at only 2.2lbs.   
  • Super Stiff & Rigid – Bottom line, this base is not going to flex, bend, and warp.  It is strongest part of on the Frontier, and will hold up to the most extreme uses.
  • Unaffected by Heat or Sunlight -The fiber material will not be affected by heat or sunlight, providing superior performance in all conditions.
  • Elevated Seat Position – The seat position is 12″ off the deck floor, delivering more comfort and fish-ability without compromising balance or stability.
  • More Storage Space – 6-3/4″ of clearance underneath the base gives more room for storing tackle, gear, and paddles under the seat.
  • Versatility – The Quick Release Bracket, swivel, or 360 seat can be mounted directly to the RIGID 360 Base.  Plus, any standard swivel seat or swivel will mount to it with no custom hardware.
  • Ease of Use – As the seat is less than 1/8″ thick, it moves effortlessly through the Freedom Track.
  • Good Looking! – That’s right, the new seat base looks great in the Frontier!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in
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