Native Propel Steering Cable Replacement


Our own Native Propel Steering Cable Replacement Kit.



TKFS Native Propel Steering Cable Replacement for Propel Kayaks comes with 1/8″ stainless steel cable. This kit is for model 2016 and newer, or for those that already have our  Propel Upgrade Kit with the larger cable retention pins. The replacement is easy to do and this kit ships USPS Priority within 24 hours. We’ll be adding a short video to assist with the replacement soon….

To install your Native Propel Steering Cable Replacement, you will need the following tools;

Wire cutters, 2mm Alan Key, Philips screwdriver and retention clip pliers (or some work around for the clips)

We like to start by opening the steering control box (port side). Then, remove the rudder, and loosen the set screws keeping the cable in place on the rudder disc. If your Propel is a 2016 or newer, you will not need to remove the retention clips. You can simply reuse the ones you already have. Now, remove all of the old cable.

We like to feed the cable from the steering box toward the rudder. Please note, the steering cable is one continuous length. Do not cut into two!!!

Once your cable is replaced, we reinstall the rudder without the rudder screw. This gives us the leverage to pull tension on the steering cable while we tighten the 2mm set screw. Keep an eye on your steering handle as you want to install the cable and have your steering be in the center! Once the cable retention screws are tight, you can remove the rudder and trim the steering cable to length. Reinstall the rudder and go fishing!!!


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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in
Kayak Model

Slayer Propel 10, Slayer Propel 13, Slater Propel 12 LT, Manta Ray Propel, Titan 10.5, Titan 12, Titan 13.5, Ultimate FX Propel


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