Native Propel Drive Schematic


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Use the Native Propel Drive Schematic for all of the parts and pieces needed to repair or maintain your Propel Drive.

We have most parts in stock at all times as we service so many drives here in the shop. If you have any questions about the Native Propel Drive Schematic or any of the parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Propel – Complete Assembly

NO. PART NUMBER   DESCRIPTION                                   QTY. in Drive
1     PPED009            Anti-Ventilation Plate                            1
2     PPED012            Pedal, Propel Left                                1
3     PPED013            Pedal, Propel Right                              1
4     PPED016            Washer, Propel Pedal/Crank                 2 (Sold as Single)
5     PPED017            Propeller, EZ-Cruz                                1
6     PPED018            Shear Pin                                            1
7     PPED019            Crankarm, 155mm, Black, Left              1
8     PPED020            Crankarm, 155mm, Black, Right           1
9     PPKA133            Shell Screw, M6 x 16mm                      8 (Sold as Single)
10   PPKA135            Plate Nut, M3                                       2
11   PPKA136            Plate Screw, M3 x 12mm                      1
12  PPKA137             Plate Screw, M3 x 16mm                      1
13  PPKA138             Screw, M5 x 16mm, Thwart and Prop      3 (Sold as Single)
14  PPKA151             Crank Screw, M8 x 20mm                      2 (Sold as Single)
15  PPKA156             Gasket, Lower Shell                              1
16  PPLA120             Thwart Tube, 20in                                  1
17  Propel Center Assembly – 401 Series Center Assembly      1
18  Propel Lower Assembly – 401 Series Lower Assembly        1
19  Propel Upper Assembly – 401 Series Upper Assembly         1

For Propel – Upper Assembly CLICK HERE

For Propel – Center Assembly CLICK HERE

For Propel – Lower Assembly CLICK HERE

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Propel - Complete Assembly

1 PPED009, 2 PPED012, 3 PPED013, 4 PPED016, 5 PPED017, 6 PPED018, 7 PPED019, 8 PPED020, 9 PPKA133, 10 PPKA135, 11 PPKA136, 12 PPKA137, 13 PPKA138, 14 PPKA151, 15 PPKA156, 16 PPLA120, 17 Propel Center Assembly, 18 Propel Lower Assembly, 19 Propel Upper Assembly


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