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JCKF Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree

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This year marks the 10th Annual JCKF Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree. The Jamboree will be held Friday, October 18, 2019 through Sunday, October 20, 2019. We need registrations ASAP for the long sleeve performance shirts to be made.



Registration will be $60 and will include 6pm dinner on Saturday night, one Custom Long Sleeve Performance Shirt, (if registered by Oct 2 at 11am), after 11am, a short sleeve cotton event shirt, and one Raffle Ticket.

We will have $5 Calcutta’s for those with a competitive spirit. Barbie Rod Showdown will be returning as this was a BLAST last year? As always, we have some practical jokes. Rubber skunks have been ordered so you had better catch!


Launch locations, fish maps, bait & tackle stores and recommendations will be emailed to all participants as well as the digital Capt Meeting and Waiver Forms. Raffle and other info as well.

The Kayak Fishing Store –

The Kayak Fishing Store will have hours on Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon with huge savings for Jamboree participants!


Additional Meal Tickets $15 –

Click Here

Additional Event Shirts $25 for Performance Shirts until Oct 2, 11am-

Click Here

Additional Event Shirts $15 for JCKF Event Cotton T-shirt

Click Here


Capt. Meeting –

There will be a NON MANDATORY Captain’s Meeting 8pm on Thursday evening at the Jambo HQ. We know that many cannot attend. We will be emailing all paid participants all of the info covered in the meeting as well as live on the JCKF FaceBook page for those that want to tune in from home. This is not mandatory either.


Any questions should be asked on the JCKF Cape May Kayak Fishing Jamboree page. CLICK HERE


Keeping of Fish –

We encourage CPR, but any legally caught fish may be kept without penalty. Fish do not need to be kept to win a Calcutta. CPR with identifier is fine. Ask someone for assistance as there is no penalty for receiving picture help. New Jersey Fishing Regulations; CLICK HERE


Campground Information –

We plan to gather at Lake Laurie Campground, (Now a K.O.A. Cape May). As always, we will have the Rack building to gather in on Saturday for the Raffles and Dinner.

Cape May KOA Campground website; CLICK HERE



If you want in, please check in here and bring $5 bills for each one you enter. How about start time Fri 5pm and fish through Sun 9am? Award the winners at 10am Sun?

Please use this format below to enter (just copy/paste and answer yes/no;

Striper – Is what it is.

Tog – Is what it is.

Bluefish – Is what it is.

Weakfish – Speck – (Same division despite species)

Largest Fish – Don’t care what it is. Get help on pics and/or a few witnesses

Barbie Rod -Yep, Barbie is back! Can be any cheapo kid rod and reel. Must be original equipment, but you may change the line.

Wild Card – Weird Catch voted on by all participants

Slam – Any 3 above

Grand Slam – Any 4 above

No double dip on Largest or Barbie Rod. No trash fish on Largest. Identifier will be announced at 5pm Fri of the event.
Please ask any questions that you have here so that we all can share in answering. Calcutta’s are judged by everyone in the Calcutta.

Barbie Rod Challenge – Must be a store bought children’s fishing rod. You cannot modify anything except that you may change the line. Judging is easy. You need a witness that the fish was landed on the Barbie Rod and you need to take a measurement pic with identifier.

Calcutta s- Please bring $5 bills for each that you plan to enter. You can sign up here and pay later. Please use the format in the announcements fishing is from daylight Fri to 10am Sun morning. Please be safe.

ALL CALCUTTAS ARE JUDGED BY ALL PARTICIPANTS. – Standard CPR rules apply. We’ll supply you with an identifier when you present your Waiver at Check in. Take the best pic that you can. Don’t cheat.

Skunk and Turtle statues are in play!!!


Raffles –

Raffles are back! Bring cash and help support thew North New Jersey Heroes on the Water!


Wolfpack Beer Raffle-

Stay tuned for more. Usually one 6 pack of not crap beer and a $5 beer to enter. Winner takes several cases of beer and charity receives the cash!


Weather –

Winds may cause a delay or postponement. Please check in at Jamboree HQ daily for any changes due to weather.


Additional information

Participant Shirt Size

Small, Med, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL


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