Blakemore Reel Magic


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Just spray a little Blakemore Reel Magic on your line and you’ll instantly enjoy greater casting distance, reduced line memory and extended line life. Great for use with mono or braided lines. It also reduces icing and prevents spinner-bait skirts from sticking. Use it on your reels to protect them from corrosion. Hundreds of uses on the boat and around the house. Odorless. Non-sticky. Anti-static. 6-fl.-oz. pump.

  • Use on your line for easier casting and reduced memory
  • Protect your reels from corrosion
  • Hundreds of uses
  • Odorless, non-sticky formula

Real Magic Lubricant works to soften, lubricate and extend the life of your fishing line while reducing line memory and improving your casting distance by protecting and lubricating your reel. Environmentally safe, odorless and guaranteed not to buildup, this super lubricant also works to reduce icing on rod guides and is great for keeping spinner-bait skirts supple and tangle free. Real Magic works on monofilament, braided and even fly lines. 6 oz. pump bottle.

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