1.5 lb Folding Grapnel Anchor


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1.5 lb Folding Grapnel Anchor Product Description

1.5 lb Folding Grapnel Anchor for your kayak, canoe, or small boat  These galvanized steel anchors feature folding tines that fold out of the way while stored for space maximization and release when ready for use.  The heavy head design of the anchor creates less wait time until the anchor is fully submerged into the anchoring surface on deeper and faster moving water.

There are two sizes of the Grapnel Anchor available.  Please choose from the drop down accordingly.

  • Folding tines for easy storage
  • Heavy head allows for easier anchoring on the 3.3lb anchor
  • Anchor rope sold separately
  • Two sizes available: 1.5lb and 3.3lb

TKFS Notes; The SeaLect Danforth 5lb Anchor is our “go to” for strong currents but can be tricky to pull up from our limited leverage on a kayak. The zip tie trick can help. Just tie the anchor off at the bottom. Run the line up to the top (the normal tie off) and use a zip tie instead of a knot. This zip tie will break under your strength and allow you to reverse the anchor from the directing it dug itself into the bottom.


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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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